A Grave Matter



Quest Text:
Llotha asked me to help her unlock a lockbox by solving an old mystery about the Blacklight Raiders. The password to the lock is a combination of the Raiders’ names and professions.

First objective:
I should read the mage’s letter to get clues about the names and professions of the four groupmembers.

  • Read the Mage’s Letter
Llotha Nelvani gives you a puzzle to solve based on tips found in a note and graveyard signs. *SPOILERS* To save you some time here are the correct answers to the riddle:

  1. Joelle’s last name: Lavergne
  2. Olivia’s profession: Thief
  3. Willam’s last name and profession: Rernis and he was the mage

Screenshot Walkthrough

These are the tips that you get as part of the quest. Based on these you are supposed to determine the names and occupations of the buried Raiders.

3 thoughts on “A Grave Matter

  1. @Quinn Venture

    I just solved this. I can’t believe i did it. Here are the names matched up to the answers.

    Olivia Moret was the thief.
    Joelle Lauvern was the warrior.
    Guymund Chauvric was the cleric.
    And Willem Rernis was the mage.

    BOW TO YOUR GOD. Go get your XP.

  2. Jensenny

    What does it spell though. She makes a comment, the mage had a sense of humor. I tried to spell it out and got MANSMERROW. Did anyone else try to spell it out?


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