A Marriage In Ruins



Quest Text:
A Daedra has taken over Nilata Ruins. Having possessed a farmer’s wife, the Daedra is luring travelers into her lair—likely to their doom.

Starting NPC:
Part of:
Nilata Ruins
First objective:
I need to search the Nilata Ruins for Adeena’s twin sister, Izzara.

  • Find Izzara

Screenshot Walkthrough

Meet Izzara At the Spell Key and wait for her to Destroy it. Talk with her after it is done.

use Talisman to unbind the Sacrifices inside Nilata Ruins room.

Find the Source of the Voice and talk to Adeena.

Talk to Adeena and Izzara, and Decide Who Lives And Dies.

Witness the Results of Your Decision (Adeena Lives).

Talk to the Daedra and Adeena afterwards.

Return to Najan to claim the quest prize.

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