A Son’s Promise


Crow’s Wood

Quest Text:
I met a Dark Elf named Telbaril in a pocket of Evergloam known as Crow’s Wood. He’s trying to find his missing father, Rulantaril. He asked for my help.

Part of:
Crow’s Wood Objective
First objective:
Telbaril saw an old house up the trail. I should investigate for any signs of Rulantaril.

  • Search the Old House

7 thoughts on “A Son’s Promise

  1. George Jorgensen

    By the time I decided to do this quest, it was green. The quest is way too overpowered. Even at level 10 it was taking too much effort with many deaths and run backs. This is another example of devs who tend to make their quests too tedious, causing players to give up on it. Too many of these and the players give up on the game.

  2. Serge Post author

    This quest is part of what is called as Public Dungeon. Public Dungeons are places that are designed more as 2-man content than solo content. It should be hard for you at level 5-10 to do it solo. Bring a friend. There is one public dungeon per zone. There are also 4-man group dungeons and there are 1 per zone of those as well.

  3. BornAProphet

    Sorry to the guy that did at 10 and died a bunch. I did it solo at level 7 with a templar using spear. No problems other then not knowing what choice to make at the end.

  4. Alyssa

    Haha that’s funny you say this dungeon is overpowered because I did it solo on level 31 and it was a breeze. Couldve completed it in my sleep..One of the easier dungeons in this game.
    No offense buddy but if you don’t like challenging quests and enemies, ESO isn’t the game for you.
    Sincerely, A female who is clearly more equipped to handle this game than you 😉

      1. Pixel

        But, but, but, Alyssa stated that she is female, so any further arguments are invalid. Nevermind that she did the dungeon at a higher level than it was intended for.


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