A Thirst For Revolution



Quest Text:
Ufa the Red Asp and I must work together to locate the traitor identified by Captain Dhakir’s men in order to save the grandeya of Hallin’s Stand from execution.

First objective:
<<1>>, <<2>>, and <<3>> caught the traitor after he opened the gates to the Imperials, but it was too late. Now, these guards are hiding somewhere in the city. I need to find them.

  • Find Captain Dhakir’s Men

3 thoughts on “A Thirst For Revolution

  1. Eso_explorer

    the Step: Find Captain Dhakir’s Men is tricky.
    some of them are located open-air, around the large water well.
    if you cateched them, you need to seek the guys in their houses.
    i searched them a horrible time, one is in the very northern the other in the very southern region of that city.


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