An Unusual Circumstance



Quest Text:
I decided to ask Tzik’nith for help getting into the tower. Before she shows me the secret, however, she wants me to help her against the Wood Elves.

Starting NPC:

You can start this quest, if you complete the quest Into the Woods and at the end decide to help Tzik’nith instead Faraniel.

First objective:
Before Tzik’nith will tell me the secret to entering the tower, she wants me to recover the stolen lamia eggs from the Wood Elves.

  • Collect the Stolen Lamia Eggs
We would like to thank user SARPH for additional information.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Talk to Faraniel before leaving. Faraniel ask you not to kill any Wood Elves for the next parts of the mission. I’ve failed here :C. Future optional choices also have influence on ending.

After you talk with Tzik’nith Near the Wood Elf Camp, collect Shard of Darkness/Light.

Meet the Lamias at the Central Camp and use the Shard to Open the Council Portal.

Talk to Tzik’nith and enter Ruined Passage.

7 thoughts on “An Unusual Circumstance

  1. Sarph

    Optional: Faraniel asks you to not kill any Wood Elves for the next parts of the mission, she promises to help you in future if you do so.

    My intention was to do this, however without realizing it I failed the optional part – not by killing NPCs but through dialogue choices. If your intent is to have Faraniel help you out, be very careful in all of your interactions with the Lamia, because simply following the natural progression of their quest while avoiding physically killing wood elves is not enough.

  2. raptorhead

    For the optional objective, all you need to do is avoid killing npcs while collecting the eggs, and to use a wisp when collecting the two shards, as to make the npcs neutral. Afterwards, you can just progress as usual, and even though the elders are killed, Faraniel will show up in the Hollow City. So contrary to what Sarph said, just not killing the npcs is enough.

  3. Chaos_fire

    I decided to help the lamias. I used a combination of sneaking plus touching the wisp lights to mask my presence in the wood elf / shadow walker camp. I finished collecting the eggs, and when I went to go get the light shards, all was going well until…. suddenly, out of the blue, I got a message that I had failed at not killing any wood elves. I noticed I was still part of a group with my friend who was questing in the same area. I asked my friend if he had killed a wood elf about 30 seconds ago when I got the quest fail notification… he answered Yes. I am so pissed off!!!!!!!! I even spent skill points in upgrading my sneak skill and spent about 30 minutes sneaking around carefully to avoid confrontation and then failed the quest through no fault of my own!!! DISBAND FROM ANY GROUPS BEFORE STARTING THIS QUEST!!!!

      1. Yogizilla

        Wow.. That’s good to know for future quests. That would be annoying after getting so far. Haha

        BTW, if anyone is curious: the quest rewards seem to be the same, regardless of the decision you make. Just another binary decision in TESO creating the illusion of role-playing. =oP

  4. Niels

    If you fail at avoiding to kill wood-elves, you can just abandon the quest and run back to the spot where Faraniel and the Lamia are standing. It will let you restart from the egg-collecting part of the quest.

  5. Sarah Maj

    I ended up killing a few of the wood elves and Faraniel was still there at the end of it all. Don’t know if it was just a glitch, but I think she helps you no matter what.


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