Back-Alley Murders



Quest Text:
Someone’s murdering Daggerfall’s poor. A beggar named Matthew thinks he’s going to be the next one to die. He asked me to find the killer before that happens.

First objective:
Matthew suggested I search the alleys of Daggerfall’s trade district for the murderer. My first step is to find the alleys.

  • Find the Trade District Alleys
After getting the quest you are supposed to investigate the South and West valleys. After that you are supposed to investigate the river. There is a waterfall above the market – the quest ends once you kill a creature there, so go up the road behind the market and go behind the church and you will reach the bridge over the waterfall. Under the bridge a creature will spawn that will end this quest.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Go to the location on the map above to complete the step “Search the South Valley”

“Search the West Valley” Step ends here when you talk to Shiftless Gaven. Proceed north-east from there, behind the church, to investigate the river.

Go to this bridge behind the church.

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