Buried Secrets


Stros M’Kai

Quest Text:
A researcher by the name of Neramo is exploring the Dwemer ruins of Bthzark, looking for a way inside.

Part of:
Bthzark Objective
First objective:
Neramo requested my help finding some Dwemer crystals outside the ruins of Bthzark.

  • Collect Primary Focusing Crystal
  • Collect Secondary Focusing Crystal
Once completed, this quest will also recruit Nerano for the main quest in Stros M’Kai. Quest is pretty straightforward and you just have to follow the instructions Nerano gives you.
The only question you might ask yourself at one point is "whether to take the right or the left exit?". As you finish the first objective in the first section of Bthzark you will be able to cross to the second section via the left or the right door. Left door will spawn enemies for you to fight while the right has traps you need to avoid. No major impact on the quest so choose freely.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Traps require some timing but are pretty basic.

Quest Reward: you get a nice little staff for completing this quest.

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