By Invitation Only



Quest Text:
Deshaan’s Academy of Magic, Shad Astula, trains only the most promising mages to become leaders of the Ebonheart Pact. However, the Academy only accepts those who’ve received a special invitation.

Part of:
Shad Astula Objective
First objective:
If I want to visit Shad Astula, I need to acquire an invitation. Maybe I can get an invitation from one of the students waiting along the docks.

  • Acquire a Shad Astula Invitation
Shad Astula is kind of a Mages Guild but only for the Ebnoheart Pact members. To get admission to the academy you will first need to get an invitation. This is done by either [Intimidating] or [Persuading] students to be at the docks where you got the quest or even paying a hefty sum to get the invitation. I suggest investing a skill point into Fighters/Mages Guild Intimidate/Persuade skills.

Once you get to Shad Astula you will go and meet the Arch-Mage of the place. He has a test for you to touch the crystals in the order they first lit up. Screenshots bellow show the order of how you should do it.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Get the invitation from potential students standing at the docks near the quest giver.

Once you get to Shad Astula you will need to register and you will be sent to see Arch-Mage of the place.

Go north and enter Arch-Mage’s office. He’ll give you a simple task.

Here’s a screenshot we edited to show the sequence of how to press the crystals. NOTE: It might be that the sequence is not the same for everyone, but this is highly unlikely.

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  1. Joseph A. Merrill

    View angle makes a difference on the two in the back positions. Watch the text shift as you move so correct orientation is there before you click on each one.


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