Cast Adrift


Khenarthi’s Roost

Quest Text:
The shoreline of Khenarthi’s Roost is lined with the shattered hulls of Aldmeri Dominion sailing vessels. Equipment and personnel are scattered along the beach.

Part of:
Shattered Shoals Objective
First objective:
<<1>> was wounded in the shipwreck. She asked me to help find members of her squad. She believes they may be wounded and encouraged me to keep an eye out for <<2>>, which can be used to treat injuries.

  • Find <<1>>
  • Find <<1>>
  • Find <<1>>
Objective Find Edhelas / Onglorn / Nistel:
In order to save your time later on, grab Torchbug Treacle from Torchbug Treacles on ground, or by killing Alit creatures. This will save this tree NPCs.

Objective Go to the Cave and find Lieutenant Gelin:

Objective Patch Forward Leak / Locate Helmsman’s Wheel / Patch Aft Leak / Retrieve Sun-Sighter from Sea Vipers:
This is where completion of the first objective comes to game. Talk with nearby Sergeant Firion and give him orders for completion of this objective. Previous tree saved NPC are going to complete them for you and save you time.

Objective Stop the Maormer Ritual:
In order to climb the ship where are Virkvild and Suhr you should reach its northeastern part. Get close to this two NPCs and free them from shackles with use of the Lodestones you had acquired from Sea Vipers.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Torchbug Treacle can be found on ground, or looting from Alit creatures.

Torchbug Treacles save NPCs, making them useful later on.

Find the corpse of Liutenant Gelin inside the cave.

Objective with another tree tasks is easily done if you have used Torchbug Treacles before. Simply give proper orders, like the one on the picture above.

Get close to Virkvild and Suhr in order to free them.

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