Daughter Of Seamount



Quest Text:
The hunt-wife of the Seamount clan thinks the chief’s daughter is not mindful of her duties to the clan. She believes I could help sort things out.

First objective:
Lokra, the daughter of Chief Tazgol, is causing trouble. Her family wants to marry her to forge an alliance with another clan. But she wants to see the world first.

  • Talk to Lokra
You get to advise Lokra on how to proceed with her life. Beyond some NPCs talking to you in a different way there are no world impacting consequences based on the choice you make for Lokra. It is entirely up to you and your moral compass to advise her one way or the other.

Screenshot Walkthrough

*SPOILERS* You are faced with a choice of telling Lokra whether to honor her clan or fulfill her own desires. Whatever your advice is Lokra will accept it and be content with it.

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