Forgotten Ancestry



Quest Text:
I met Harald Winvale, a repentant Bloodthorn cultist who is being haunted by ancestral spirits for desecrating his family tombs. He asked me to help him demonstrate that he still honors and respects his ancestors.

First objective:
Harald Winvale suggested I recover the sacred candles the Bloodthorns stole. I can honor the Winvale Patriarch, Matriarch, and Scion by placing a lit candle on each of their graves.

  • Honor the Winvale Patriarch
  • Honor the Winvale Matriarch
  • Honor the Winvale Scion

One thought on “Forgotten Ancestry

  1. Amy

    The location for Harold, after you do the steps of the quest and are to return to him, doesn’t show up on your map. But credit goes to CrinkleCut on the main TESO boards for posting a screenshot of the area.

    Harald does wander, but his icon cursor showed up in my compass when I got near him. Hope this helps!


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