Freedom’s Chains



Quest Text:
Kerbol’s Hollow is a town in Bangkorai fabled to have the power to cure any disease. Renoit Leonciele and his husband Draven seek whatever cure the village offers, though they don’t know what the cost may be.

Starting NPC:
Renoit Leonciele

Part of:
Kerbol’s Hollow
First objective:
While he awaits permission to enter the village, <<1>> said the guard by the town’s entrance could allow me in to speak with its mayor.

  • Talk to the Guard at the Cave

Screenshot Walkthrough

Find and talk to Draven Leonciele and Renoit Leonciele inside Guest House.

Confront a Villager and find Helene inside Kerbol’s House. Talk to Renoit Leonciele afterwards.

Wait for the Ritual to Begin and stop it when the opportunity reveals it self.

Talk to Arienne Kerbol and Subdue Draven Leonciele.

After you talk with Renoit Leonciele and Arienne Kerbol, talk to Draven Leonciele and choose his destiny.

If you chose to help him, find the source of Kerbol’s Spell and destroy it.

Rescue Draven from Arienne Kerbol.

Meet Renoit and Draven Below the Shrine, and talk to Renoit.

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