Frighten The Fearsome



Quest Text:
The Bosmer in this part of the Valenwood are opposed to the Dominion. I’ve agreed to negotiate and attempt to convince them to swear allegiance to Queen Ayrenn.

First objective:
I should speak to the Bramblebreach Treethane to find out why they’re opposed to the Dominion.

  • Talk to the Treethane

One thought on “Frighten The Fearsome

  1. Gharuk

    To improve this site, list whether the quest is main line or side quest and what its rewards are so that it would be useful to someone looking for what equipment the quests in a zone drops because they’re trying to build a particular set, for example, Also, add some maps. I’m not seeing any images on anything at all, either because there are none or because the site requires javascript instead of Just Working by using img src tags.


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