Guar Gone



Quest Text:
Short-Tail is distraught. Her adorable pet, Puddles, ran away, and she’s afraid that the little creature is lost.

First objective:
I agreed to help <<1>> find her pet bantam guar, Puddles. But I need to find a day-old fish first. I should talk to Grubdosh or get an old fish from the docks.

  • Find a Day-Old Fish on the Docks
  • Talk to <<1>>

One thought on “Guar Gone

  1. Janice Grove

    I looked all over for the last quest in Rivenspire. I finally found Guar Gone. I completed the quest and never got credit for it. I have looked everywhere and can not find any more quests. This is the only thing holding me back from completing Daggerfall Covenant. Is there anyway I could get this quest back?


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