Heart Of Evil



Quest Text:
The only way to ensure Evermore’s security and drive the Reachmen from northern Bangkorai is to defeat their leader, the hagraven Uela. I have agreed to help the Wyresses in Jackdaw Cove toward this end.

Starting NPC:
Wyress Freyda

Quest that takes you to this NPC is called Destroying the Dark Witnesses .

This quest is a part of Jackdaw Cove POI Objective.

Part of:
Jackdaw Cove
First objective:
As distrustful as they may be, the Wyresses are willing to accept my help. Wyress Rashan should return from scouting the Reachmen’s camp momentarily. I should talk to her about destroying the totems that prevent the Wyrd from using their magic.

  • Talk to Wyress Rashan

Screenshot Walkthrough

Talk to Wyress Rashan once more and talk to the Strange Crow.

After you meet and talk to Wyress Rashan at the Tower, talk to the Crows’ Spirits.

Find the Door to Uela’s Lair and talk to Wyress Rashan.

Enter Uela’s Lair and defeat Hagraven Uela and take her Heart.

After you talk to the Crow and Wyress Rashan, throw the Heart in the Ritual Circle.

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