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Village of the Lost

Quest Text:
Mezha-dro, a Khajiit servant of Meridia, asked for help sealing tears in Oblivion before more material from Tamriel falls through.

Starting NPC:

Part of:
Village of the Lost
First objective:
There are three tears to close. Mezha-dro will seal the tear if I fight off any Dremora or anything that comes through.

  • Seal Tear in Orc Village
  • Seal Tear in Khajiit Village
  • Seal Tear in Dunmer Village

Screenshot Walkthrough

Seal Tear in Dunmer Village: Get close to “light” with Mezha-dro and defeat Rararyn.

Seal Tear in Khajiit Village: Go through Khajit Ruins portal at the center of Dunmer Village.

Seal Tear in Khajiit Village: Jump down in water from a wooden platform.

Seal Tear in Khajiit Village: Swim to Tear in Khajiit Village in order to seal it up.

Seal Tear in Orc Village: At the center of Dunmer Village go through Orc Ruins portal.

Seal Tear in Orc Village: Soon enough, hidden between tall wooden platforms you can find the last Seal. Defeat Begnar in order to do so.

Reward for this quest is quite awesome.

Mezh-dro’s Sealing Amulet effect.

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