Kings Of The Grotto


Fungal Grotto

Group Dungeon

Quest Text:
I met a group of Dunmer in the Fungal Grotto. They want to reach a shrine within the caves. A tribe of hostile goblins has occupied most of the area, pushing out a colony of dreugh. The two fighting sides are blocking access to the rest of the cave.

First objective:
My first goal should be taking over the goblin tribe. I need to kill their chief and take his head.

4 thoughts on “Kings Of The Grotto

  1. Cryzeteur

    You forgot to mention that they are in mobs. There were 4-5 of them at the entrance to the side-cavern and then when you get up to the next bigger cavern you are mobbed by maybe 7-8 more. They are all high level and I could barely dent them at level 18. On top of this they use area of effect arrow attacks so that maybe 50 arroes are falling at one time. Also they use fire sorcerers. Even worse, the dungeon seems to be instanced so only you are in the cave. This may be a level 30 dungeon.

    1. Serge Post author

      This is actually a 4-man group dungeon. Each zone has one of those for you to conquer and you can not do it alone at this level. You can come back as level 40 and do it solo, but if you are level 12-20 I would recommend you bring 3 friends along to beat the whole dungeon and get the quest rewards as well as skill point.

  2. MrKit

    Why are they sending me here as a solo player if I don’t have a chance in the world? I don’t play this game in group. The game complains my quest log is full, well this is why. I am a level 17 and have been getting killed here all over the place. When I leave this quest, I can’t take on any others because my quest log is supposedly full. So essentially I am forced to complete a quest that I have no chance to finish. I bought new content I can’t even play because my quest log is full of quest that are impossible to do at my level as a solo player.


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