Like Moths To A Candle


Stros M’Kai

Quest Text:
The Sea Drakes have captured friends of Telonil. They’re being held at Saintsport.

Part of:
Saintsport Objective
First objective:
<<1>> is never far from her pet monkey, <<2>>. If I find him, I’ll find her.

  • Find Howler
If you complete this quest you will also recruit Captain Lerisa for the heist in the main quest of Stros M’Kai. First part of this quest requires you to free three sailors. Afterwards you will visit the ship east of Saintsport and confront Captain Helane. *SPOILERS*

You will get a choice to save Captain Helane’s life or leave her to die of poison. This is purely a moral choice to make and has no impact on the game going forward. Lerisa will still join the crew and I do not remember Helane showing up anywhere later in the game when spared.

Screenshot Walkthrough

During the course of this quest you will be given a choice to let the bad captain live or die. As far as we know the choice you make is purely moral and has no real impact on the game and its world, so feel free to make whichever choice feels right for you.

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