One Last Game



Quest Text:
In the Wayrest graveyard, I found the last Will and Testament of a scholar named Frodibert Fontbonne. Frodibert challenged his son Donel to solve a riddle to claim his inheritance. Donel gave up, but maybe I can solve the riddle.

Starting NPC:
Last Will and Testament of Frodibert Fontbonne

Last Will and Testament of Frodibert Fontbonne.

First objective:
Frodibert’s Will posed the riddle: “After day turns to night, you must follow the light.” Hmm. What stays lit up at night in the streets of Wayrest?

In order to Solve the Riddle – quest objective – you should Follow the Street Lamp Trail. The first streetlamp you should interact with is just northeast of the quest starter. Upon walking to the first streetlamp you can follow the trail of streetlamp up to the last one, or simply walk to it.

Once you reach the last streetlamp you are supposed to search under it in tall grass. This gives you another objective: Enter Cloudy Dregs Inn and its second floor. There are doors to the Attic Room. Search the Attic Room by examining "For Donel from Father" note on a desk. This makes nearby Frodibert Fontbonne’s Chest lootable.

This is where you decide whether to keep the inheritance or not. If you chose the second option, you receive 177 golds from Recruitment Officer Orgak.

Note: We would like to thank user HUSKERKLG for information he provided in the comments.

Screenshot Walkthrough

The first Streetlamp points south.

The second Streetlamp points east.

The third Streetlamp points east.

The fourth Streetlamp points north.

The fifth Streetlamp points north.

The sixth Streetlamp points east.

The seventh Streetlamp points north.

The eight Streetlamp points east.

The ninth and last one complete this part of the quest objectives.

Map of Streetlamps locations you can follow for this quest objective.

Enter Cloudy Dregs Inn for new objective. On the first floor you can see stairs that lead to Attic Room.

Examine note – “For Donel from Father”.

28 thoughts on “One Last Game

  1. Huskerklg

    The first part is the street lamps, following arrows marked on them.

    Still working on the next part.

  2. Huskerklg

    if you decide not to keep the money, you now go to the Waycrest Recruiter, reward is 177g if you do that.

  3. Mechawhalestorm

    Keeping the gold gave me the same reward, 177g, with the guilt trip of “Donel will never know what his father left him”.

  4. smallpoxx

    Is there anything to the recruitment officer stating he will contact the PC after Fontboone(sp?)’s inheritance is delivered?

  5. Thehaf

    The prize has been upped for returning it to him. It was in the 300s if I recall correctly.

    I too wonder if there is anything to the recruitment officers comment…

  6. Visstick

    Just got 604 gold for not keeping the inheritance. Not sure if this is due to being a VR8, or that they just upped the prize money again.

  7. MrsG

    Just done this quest, didn’t take the money for myself, level 46, PS4, received 354.
    I think the gold return on this quest must be dependant on level.. But with big ranges…?

  8. Bigwillah

    Lvl 12 gave gold back got $354. As for conclusion of quest I turned in quest and recruiter said he’d let me know when the guy got his money. 5-10 minutes later a guard ran by and said “hey don’t I know you? Yeah I do donel fontbonne sends his thanks for returning his inheritance “

  9. Maxie

    I got a little over 600 gold (champion 98) for turning it in to the recruiter. Not sure how much it gives you for being a thieving ass lol

  10. blueyonder

    My Dad did not love me, so when I do this quest I always wish I could find out about Donel reading the note from his Dad


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