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Quest Name ▼ Level ▲ Zone ▼ Type ▼
A Tangled Knot26Greenshade
Manthir's Debt26Greenshade
Hunting the Wasp26Greenshade
Supporting Force26Bangkorai
Hope Lost26Rivenspire
Cracking the Egg26Shadowfen
Threefold Folly26Shadowfen
Will of the Broken26Shadowfen
Saving the Relics26Shadowfen
The Assassin's List26Rivenspire
The Witch of Silatar26Greenshade
In the Doghouse26Rivenspire
The Crown of Shornhelm25Rivenspire
Foreign Vintage25Sanguine's Demesne
The Sanctifying Flames25Rivenspire
The Prismatic Core25Mage/Fighter Guild
The Spider's Cocoon25Rivenspire
Friend of Trolls25Rivenspire
A Spy in Shornhelm25Rivenspire
Favor for the Queen25Rivenspire
Breaking the News25
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter25Mage/Fighter Guild
Bound to the Bog25Shadowfen
The Fading Tree25Greenshade
Unbridled Wealth25Shadowfen
Stone Cold25Greenshade
The Blood-Cursed Town25Rivenspire
Fadeel's Freedom25Rivenspire
The Tharn Speaks25The HarborageMain Story
The Thin Ones25Shadowfen
The Bargain's End25Shadowfen
Captive Souls25Shadowfen
A Last Reminder25Shadowfen
Life of the Party25Sanguine's Demesne
Assassin Hunter25Rivenspire
A Blow for Order24Deshaan
Audience with the Wilderking24Greenshade
Handmade Guardian24Greenshade
Dearly Departed24Rivenspire
Children of Yokuda24Rivenspire
Wanted: Sgolag24Grahtwood
The Spinner's Tale24Greenshade
Hushed Whispers24Shadowfen
Aid for Bramblebreach24Greenshade
Forbidden Worship - Old Ver.24
Three Tender Souls24Shadowfen
Getting to the Truth24Shadowfen