The Bargain’s End

If you like the following screenshots and you don’t know how to get into a position to create some yourself you might want to check out the quest guide bellow. However, if you do not like spoilers know that there is an item in the game that can make you look like this.



Quest Text:
After returning the <>, Chieftain Suhlak made me the arbiter over the fate of Stillrise Village. Destroying the <> will allow the villagers to die, but preserving it will trap them in their lifeless state.

Part of:
Stillrise Village Objective
First objective:
<<1>> asked me to hear out <<2>> and <<3>> before deciding the villagers’ ultimate fate.

  • Follow <<1>>’s Advice
  • Follow <<1>>’s Advice
This quest and its objectives are not at all hard to do. There is one special thing about it though. It rewards the skeleton disguise item. If you ever wandered how that player is a skeleton, doing this quest will explain everything. Screenshots bellow are from the Ebonheart Pact and I am not sure if other factions have the same quest in their zones.

In the previous quest, The Thin Ones, you found out about the conundrum of Stillrise Village. This quest presents you with the choice right away. You can

  • Follow shaman Chirah’s advice
  • Follow War Chief Helushk’s advice

Let me tell you right away that either choice you make will reward you with the skeleton disguise item! Choosing between the two boils down to your own moral compass and has no effect on the quest reward (your soul on the other hand…).

Screenshot Walkthrough

War chief wants you to preserve the soul array and you can do this by putting it in the ice brazier.

Shaman wants you to destroy the array, but that has its consequences. You can destroy it by putting it in the fire brazier. If you choose to destroy it at this point War Chief will try to stop you with his skeleton buddies.

Either way you choose you get Gemstone of Skeletal Visage which you can equip in your disguise slot.

5 thoughts on “The Bargain’s End

  1. Tibbie

    Just to clarify – you have to fight either the Shaman or War Chief, so both choices mean that you have to face mobs inside the Odious Chapel. I chose to take War Chief’s advice, which meant that the chapel was filled with Shaman’s mobs and before entering the final room with flames in it, I had to kill the Shaman and his 2 buddies.

    And it seems you can choose twice, once after you talk to them, and second time when you have entered the Chapel and arrived in the final room. For me, both flames were active (although I chose my initial one, the ice flame).

  2. finn russell

    I done this quest at level 26 in the dagger fall covenant am i able to get this item still or would i have to use an other acount?

  3. Shiba-Kun_14

    Actually, I chos the aldmeri diminion and as a veteran level 2 I did the quest and it still gave me the skeleton polymorph. So, no, it’s not exclusive to the ebonhart pact.

  4. Guyb

    Just figured out that while you are a skeleton (at this moment I have possession of the soul array), you are invincible and can go around farming the respawns. I’m doing it to level up my non favorite weapons.


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