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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
Left at the Altar34Alik'r Desert
Seize the Moment31Alik'r Desert
Ash'abah Rising32Alik'r Desert
A Blessing for the Dead34Alik'r Desert
Tracking the Hand35Alik'r Desert
Rise of the Dead32Alik'r Desert
Trouble at the Rain Catchers32Alik'r Desert
The Impervious Vault32Alik'r Desert
Monkey Magic31Alik'r Desert
Tu'whacca's Breath34Alik'r Desert
Revered Ancestors32Alik'r Desert
A Reckoning with Uwafa34Alik'r Desert
The Scholar of Bergama32Alik'r Desert
Alasan's Plot36Alik'r Desert
Shiri's Research34Alik'r Desert
Gone Missing34Alik'r Desert
Crawling Chaos35Alik'r Desert
Snakes in the Sands36Alik'r Desert
March of the Ra Gada36Alik'r Desert
Feathered Fiends36Alik'r Desert
The Search for Shiri35Alik'r Desert
Imperial Incursion37Alik'r Desert
In Search of the Ash'abah31Alik'r Desert
Trials of the Hero36Alik'r Desert
Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion33Alik'r Desert
The Oldest Orc32Alik'r Desert
Risen From the Depths32Alik'r Desert
Satak was the First Serpent32Alik'r Desert
The Nature of Fate31Alik'r Desert
The Nature of Fate: Part Two35Alik'r Desert
Lizard Racing32Alik'r Desert
Badwater Mine31Alik'r Desert
Undying Loyalty33Alik'r Desert
Keeping the Peace11
The Prismatic Core25Mage/Fighter Guild
Menace On the Ridge15
Theft from the Bog16
Defending Eagle's Watch16
Tracking the Courier13
Proving the Deed33Mage/Fighter Guild
Thieving from Thieves10
Picking Up The Pieces12
A Favor for Aldcroft14
In Pursuit of Gargast16
A Crossroad17
Contract: Armando5
Breaking the News25
The Lost Courier13
Simple Kill Quest17
Ear to the Ground11