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Quest Name ▼ Level ▲ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Depths of Madness8Auridon
Signals of Dominion8Glenumbra
A Mysterious Curio8Glenumbra
Wayward Scouts8Glenumbra
Long Lost Lore8Mage/Fighter Guild
Farlivere's Gambit8Glenumbra
Disorganized Crime8Glenumbra
Lady Eloise's Lockbox8Glenumbra
Suspicious Silence8Stonefalls
Assisting Davon's Watch8Stonefalls
The Venom of Ahknara8Stonefalls
All the Fuss8Auridon
What Little Aid8
To the Front8Nibenay
Reclaiming the Elements8Glenumbra
Restoring the Guardians8Stonefalls
The Death of Balreth8Stonefalls
Close the Scamp Caves8Stonefalls
In With the Tide8Stonefalls
Purifying the Wyrd Tree8Glenumbra
The Dagger's Edge8Glenumbra
Werewolves to the North8Glenumbra
In the Name of the Queen8Auridon
The Hidden Treasure8Glenumbra
Rites of the Queen8Auridon
The Dresan Index8Glenumbra
Corruption Stones8Auridon
Anchors from the Harbour8Mage/Fighter Guild
Plague of Phaer7Auridon
The First Patient7Auridon
Devotees of Knowledge7Apocrypha's Gate
Diadem of Stolen Memories7Apocrypha's Gate
Legacy of Baelborne Rock7Glenumbra
Seeking the Guardians7Glenumbra
Champion of the Guardians7Glenumbra
To Aid Davon's Watch7Stonefalls
Wake the Dead7Stonefalls
Rending Flames7Stonefalls
Quieting a Heart7Stonefalls
To Ash Mountain7Stonefalls
Desperate Souls7Stonefalls
To the Wyrd Tree7Glenumbra
Repentant Son7Auridon
Mystery of Othrenis7Stonefalls
The Tempest Unleashed6Khenarthi's Roost
The Wyrd Sisters6Glenumbra
Proving Trust6Stonefalls
Percussive Ranching6Stonefalls
Salt of the Earth6Bal Foyen
If By Sea6Bal Foyen