Quieting A Heart



Quest Text:
Bala, an Ashlander, is searching for her deceased lover, Eanen Varam. In life, he was part of House Dunmer, so their status kept them apart. They promised each other to unite in death, but now, she can’t find his tomb.

First objective:
I agreed to help Bala find Eanen’s tomb. I should listen to what she needs to awaken him, so I can assist her.

  • Talk to Bala
Objective 1: Collect 5 Graven Caps
Graven Caps can be found on the ground all over Othrenis. They are usually close to nearby stone structures rather than in the open. They are like other gathering resources, if someone else picks it up, it disappears for you.

Objective 2: Use Dust on Eanen’s Tomb

Objective 3: Talk to Bala

Screenshot Walkthrough

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