Proving Trust



Quest Text:
A volcanic eruption and an infestation of shalks have devastated the town of Senie. The townsfolk are wounded, but distrust between Dark Elves and Argonians delay efforts to heal them.

Part of:
Senie Objective
First objective:
An Argonian named <<1>> knows of a salve that will soothe the burns of injured Dunmer. He needs the proper ingredients to make it. The key ingredient is chitin from the lavawalker shalks infesting Senie.

  • Collect <<1>>
This quest is pretty straightforward, buut in the beta and during the first days of the game being live there was a bug with the step where you need to heal the peasants.

Heal peasants

There are peasants all over Senie with quests markers above their heads. Unfortunately you can not interact with the. When I was doing the quest there were 4-5 peasants perhaps that were laying on the ground and you could interact with. They respawn regularly but due to high number of players you might miss them all and think the whole quest is bugged. Check the screenshots for exact location

Screenshot Walkthrough

After you collect Shalk Chitin NPC Soft-Scale sends you out to heal peasants.

In beta and during early days of launch most peasants with a quest marker are standing and are bugged so you can’t interact with them.

You need to find peasants on the ground and heal them.

For me one usually spawns inside the house where player marker is on the map screenshot above. Other spawns behind that house and two are more toward the center of the settlement, next to the NPC that gives the kwama quest.Once you heal those wait a few minutes and they will respawn.

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