All The Fuss



Quest Text:
A bored member of the Queen’s entourage let me know Her Majesty plans to speak soon in the city of Vulkhel Guard.

First objective:
Firtorel, the bard at the Queen’s camp, suggested I find a guard to report to once I reached Vulkhel Guard.

One thought on “All The Fuss

  1. Ashnarug

    This quest must be started before doing the “Ensure Security” (level 3 quest) even though it is an alleged level 8 quest and it only gives you 60xp and 30 gp.
    Best way to start this quest is to NOT offer help to Captain Astanya after completing the “To Auridon” quest and go north along the beach doing “Unaccounted Crew” and “The Serpent’s Beacon” quests. Continue north along the beach until you meet a bear, you have arrived at Tanzelwil. Go inland and you will encounter Firtorel, an Altmer bard in the Queen’s entourage


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