Rending Flames



Quest Text:
I’ve awakened the spirit of an ancient Dark Elf scribe named Mavos Siloreth. Mavos’s spirit can’t remember how he bound Balreth in the original ceremony. To help me, he’s going to perform a ritual and show me a vision of the past.

Part of:
Othrenis Objective
First objective:
Mavos’ ritual requires two items: a skull and a candle. These items are locked in chests to the east and west. I’ll need to solve a puzzle at each chest to obtain them.

  • Collect Candle
  • Collect Skull
Objective 1: Collect Candle / Skull
For Skull Shrine Color Combination is: Yellow-Blue-Yellow.
For Candle Shrine color combination is: Red-Yellow-Blue.

These puzzle solving combinations were active during the beta. Couple of tips can help you out if it changed since the beta. Tip 1: During the night, there are shrines above the ones you are trying to mix colors with. These shrines have colors shining in night. Copy their combinations and you are done. Tip 2: If you come here during the day, and the combination above is not true, you should attempt finding the right combination manually. Start with (for example) combination of colors : Blue-Blue and then mix the third one Blue/Yellow/Red. Now change the second color. Start with: Blue-Yellow and then mix the third one Blue/Yellow/Red. Eventually you end up with changing the first color as well and end up with the right combination.

Objective 2: Talk to Mavos / Acolyte
When you get back to Mavos, he teleports you to the Acolyte and the objectives that come after.

Objective 3: Shut Southern/ Western / Northern Daedric Portal
Approach to Fire Portals and use your default action button to shut them down.

Objective 4: Talk to Magister Enuse

Objective 5: Summon a Guardian at the Western / Eastern Flame Well
Upon using one Flame Well, the other one receive a short reset limit. Don’t freak out because it will reset after a short pause.

Objective 6: Talk to Mavos

Objective 7: Use the Altar
Completing this objective takes us back to the starting location.

Objective 8: Talk to Mavos

Screenshot Walkthrough

Skull Shrine Color Combination: Yellow-Blue-Yellow

Candle Shrine Color Combination: Red-Yellow-Blue

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