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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
Wyress Zoe13
The Shadow of Aldcroft15
One Final Remedy13
The Wounded Manservant13
Quelling the Dead28
Binding the Grave29
Work Report11
Forgotten Heroes38
Breaking Bones28
Vestrial's Research Book35
Crypt Cleansing37
A Royal Summons5
Lost and Found20
Choice Quest20
The Largest Threats38
Missing Soldiers35
In Crucial Need36
The Mad God's Bargain43Mage/Fighter Guild
Blackmoore's End28
Exposing the Baron28
Broken Gazer50
Yowls in the Web23
The Trials of Rahni'Za50
What Little Aid8
Simply Misplaced15Mage/Fighter Guild
Forbidden Worship - Old Ver.24
Clean Up the Dead15
Waste of the Wood18
A Sword and A Goat15
A Father's Plea55
Slay the Summoner15
Rescuing Leonar30
Anchors from the Harbour8Mage/Fighter Guild
The Dangerous Past15Mage/Fighter Guild