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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▲
Badwater Mine31Alik'r Desert
Trial of the Body40The Rift
The Flooded Grove27Greenshade
The Barefoot Breton30Rivenspire
Undying Loyalty33Alik'r Desert
Exquisite Tears5Stonefalls
Trial of the Mind40The Rift
Over the Edge42Reaper's March
Urenenya's Lament41Bangkorai
Trial of the Spirit40The Rift
Bring Down the Magister50Cyrodiil
Assassin Hunter25Rivenspire
Taking the Tower10Stonefalls
Save Your Voice40The Rift
Double Jeopardy28Greenshade
The Assassin's List26Rivenspire
The Dungeon Delvers18Deshaan
Geirmund's Oath40The Rift
The Unseen50Cyrodiil
Threat of Death30Rivenspire
Savages of Stonefalls13Stonefalls
Those She Devours42The Rift
Dear Cousins33Eastmarch
A Dagger to the Heart30Rivenspire
Sadal's Final Defeat15Stonefalls
Ensuring Security3Auridon
Pilfered Urn35Eastmarch
Shedding the Past27Rivenspire
A Hostile Situation4Auridon
Relative Matters37Eastmarch
Frightened Folk29Rivenspire
The Light Fantastic18Deshaan
Unaccounted Crew4Auridon
The Witch of Silatar26Greenshade
In the Doghouse26Rivenspire