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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
A Goblin's Affection10Stonefalls
Mystery of Othrenis7Stonefalls
Exquisite Tears5Stonefalls
Taking the Tower10Stonefalls
Savages of Stonefalls13Stonefalls
Sadal's Final Defeat15Stonefalls
Messages Across Tamriel43StirkMain Story
The Weight of Three Crowns43StirkMain Story
Deadly Whispers12SpindleclutchGroup Dungeon
Blood Relations50SpindleclutchGroup Dungeon
The Agreement15Sia Ebony Mine
Bones of a Ghost16Sia Ebony Mine
Trail of the Skin-Stealer26Shadowfen
The Skin-Stealer's Lair26Shadowfen
Buried in the Past28Shadowfen
The Fangs of Sithis28Shadowfen
Pull the Last Fang28Shadowfen
Into the Mire27Shadowfen
The Dominion's Alchemist31Shadowfen
The Dream of the Hist31Shadowfen
The Swamp's Embrace31Shadowfen
Vigil's End31Shadowfen
Missing Son27Shadowfen
The Mnemic Egg28Shadowfen
Hushed Whispers24Shadowfen
Children of the Hist28Shadowfen
Bound to the Bog25Shadowfen
A Life of Privilege26Shadowfen
Unbridled Wealth25Shadowfen
Catch the Lightning29Shadowfen
Warm Welcome26Shadowfen
Last One Standing26Shadowfen
A Pirate Parley26Shadowfen
Trials of the Burnished Scales29Shadowfen
Dreams From the Hist29Shadowfen
Of Dubious Value29Shadowfen
Lost Pilgrimage29Shadowfen
The Thin Ones25Shadowfen
Three Tender Souls24Shadowfen
Getting to the Truth24Shadowfen
Unwelcome Guests24Shadowfen
Scouring the Mire24Shadowfen
The Bargain's End25Shadowfen
Captive Souls25Shadowfen
King of Dust29Shadowfen
Into the Temple29Shadowfen
Captured Time29Shadowfen
Lost to the Mire27Shadowfen
A Stranger Uninvited28Shadowfen