School Daze



Quest Text:
Arch-Mage Valeyn believes I’m here to help protect the Academy against some unnamed threat. While he determines what this threat is, he asked me to help him with another matter.

First objective:
The Arch-Mage believes that Lena Dalvel, Tedras Relvi, and Hadmar the Thin-Boned will emerge as great leaders in the Ebonheart Pact. He wants me to help them pass their initiation tests so that his visions have a chance to come true.

  • Assist <<1>>
  • Assist <<1>>
  • Assist <<1>>

9 thoughts on “School Daze

  1. CryingPsyco

    Hey guys!
    I’m stuck on that quest! When you have to assist the one who’s fishing, you have to activate 4 orbs (northern, eastern, and so on…) I really don’t manage to find that order T.T

  2. badhorse

    The order of the podiums
    N — Sun (yellow)
    W — Full Moon (red)
    E — Star (blue)
    S — Crescent (light blue)

  3. Rixley

    It’s not working. We’ve even tried to get to get everyone to stop doing the puzzle and have one person do it.

  4. abscessus

    You need to wait for crocodile and slay it, to finish that part of quest – probably it has quite long respawn time, so can’t really tell what combination is accurate.. (10 min or so)

  5. Elle

    I can’t find the amulet for lena. I’ve been hitting those weird chickens with her wand for 2 hours but can’t find the amulet only the skull, homework, and egg show up after I use the wand on the chickens. Help?

    1. Craz3dAussi3

      same thing happening to me, I have abandoned quest. got better things to do then chase chickens, bad, bad quest.


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