Shades Of Green



Quest Text:
The Shade of Prince Naemon is spreading corruption across Greenshade. I must help Indaenir cleanse the corruption.

Starting NPC:

Indaenir gives this quest right after you finish The Blight of the Bosmer.

Indaenir location on the world map.

First objective:
I should visit Driladan Pass, Verrant Morass, and Dread Vullain and try to cleanse those areas.

  • Drive the Undead from Driladan Pass
  • Cleanse Verrant Morass
  • Cleanse Dread Vullain
This follow-up quest, taken from Indaenir, takes you to three sites on the map. You have to complete three objectives connected to those sites to get this quest done. "Drive the Undead from Driladan Pass" objective is completed after you finish "Retaking the pass", given by Bodring at Driladan Pass. "Cleanse Verrant Morass" is completed after you finish The "Blight of the Bosmer" given by Indaenir at Verrant Morass. "Cleanse Dread Vullain" is completed once you finish "Right of Theft" given by Nara at Dread Vullain.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Bodring is located just south of the Driladan Pass icon.

Indaenir is located north of the Verrant Morass icon.

Nara is in the camp west of the crossroads located south-southeast of Dread Vullain.

2 thoughts on “Shades Of Green

  1. BelaWren

    Looks like all three are now needed to complete the quest not just two of three as stated above. I’ve completed two of three and the Cleanse Dread Vullain is objective is still bright white, (meaning active/required I’m gathering) I still need to do that portion to complete Shades of Green.


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