Soul Shriven In Coldharbour


The Wailing Prison

Main Story

Quest Text:
I died, but that was only the beginning ….

First objective:
I awoke to a strange voice in some kind of prison cell. I should try to find a way out.

  • Search the Cell
This is the first quest you start the game with. Quest objectives you receive soon enough guides you through The Wailing Prison.

Objective 1: Search the Cell

Come close to the cell doors.

Objective 2: Talk to The Propthet
As you approach the cell doors, The Prophet appears. Talk with him.

Objective 3: Leave the Cell
Stay close to the cell doors. Soon enough one of the prisoners is going to unlock your cell doors. Interact with them in order to leave the cell.

Objective 4: Take and Equip a Weapon
We need to reach the eastern point of the first part of The Wailing Prison. There, you should find weapons that you can take. After you take them, you need to bring up your inventory and equip them. Ingame information regarding weapon’s usage shows up. Grabbing a weapon here is not like choosing what class or race you are going to play. There is enough different weapons from loots and quest rewards further more.

Objective 5: Escape the Prison
Close to the stand where you can take weapons is the door to The Bleeding Forge. Go through them.

Objective 6: Fight the Skeletal Warrior
This is where you are shown how to use your weapon attacks. Follow the instructions given by game.

Objective 7: Continue through the Bleeding Forge
Continue walking/running east. Go through another door.

Objective 8: Fight the Skeletal Archer
This is where you learn about interrupting. This is a powerful way to defeat your enemies. After every successful interrupt enemy is set of balance and can be damaged more with weapon heavy attack. At this point you are going to get one level. We suggest you invest it in your class spells. Reason behind is simple. You want to reach your ultimate spell as soon as possible.

Objective 9: Talk to Lyris
A Fellow prisoner Lyris is going to run toward your way. Talk with her.

Objective 10: Reach the Towers of Eyes
Door to Towers of Eyes are close enough. Get to them and open them.

Objective 11: Destroy a Coldharbour Sentinel / Optional Steps: Talk to Lyris
As you enter Towers of Eyes part of the Wailing Prison talk with Lyris that shows up at the entrance. She informs you about your next step. Head to one of the Sentinels and destroy them.

Objective 12: Reach the Prophet’s Cell
Head to southern point of this part of The Wailing Prison.

Objective 13: Talk to Lyris
Doors to the Prophet’s Cell is blocked. Lyris informs you about another way in.

Objective 14: Talk to Cadwell
This is where you meet one of the most unique characters. He informs you about your new route.

Objective 15: Enter the Undercroft
Follow the river to the east in order to find entrance to the Undercroft.

Objective 16: Enter the Prophet’s Cell
Within this part of the Wailing Prison you are suppose to find and reach the exit. There are numerous traps and enemies that stands your way. This is also area full of crates, chests, urns and etc. Looting the stuff out of them you can acquire a lot of provisioning materials, lockpicks, weapon… Exit from this area is in southeaster part. There is a ladder to The Prophet’s Cell you can climb with.

Objective 17: Find the Prophet
Reach the center of the new part of The Wailing Prison in order to start the next objective part. This is another part of the Wailing Prison where you can loot lots of crates, urns and etc.

Objective 18: Talk to Lyris
This is where Lyris reveals its destiny. Talk with her to be able to start the next objective.

Objective 19: Disable North / South Anchor Pinion
In order to disable this two Pinions you need to get close to them and interact with them.

Objective 20: Return to Lyris and Observe the Exchange
Time to release the main prisoner. Get back to Lyris for the last time.

Objective 21: Talk to The Prophet
New companion reveals himself. Talk with him.

Objective 22: Enter the Anchor Mooring
Entrance to Anchor Mooring is to the eastern part of the map you are in at the moment of this objective.

Objective 23: Get to the Anchor Base
Make a few steps toward the center of the new room.

Objective 24: Defeat the Anchor Guardians
This is part of the quest where we fight our way through. It is hard to die here, as the Prophet has some neat healing abilities. Try to avoid obvious Child of Bones frontal telegraphs.

Objective 25: Talk to the Prophet
Its not over yet! Talking with The Prophet is going to re-attune you in order to be able to leave the prison.

Objective 26: Collect the Skyshard
This is where we are introduced with the important part of the game. For every 3 skyshards your collect your character will gain an extra skill point.

Objective 27: Wait for the Prophet
Time to leave the prison. Just a few seconds as the Prophet makes final preparations. Use this time to loot stuff around.

Objective 28: Approach the Portal
Join the Prophet at the middle of the room.

Objective 29: Use the Rift to Escape to Tamriel
We are able to leave the prison now. Use the rift by walking over stairs toward the higher platform and interacting with the rift light.

Objective 30: Talk to thje Prophet
Ah new lands to discover. Quest line is completed and you receive new skill line: Soul Magic. You can level this skill line with main quest. The Prophet is going to contact you every 5-10 levels for new main quests.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Objective 15 The Undercroft entrance

Objective 16 The Prophet’s Cell entrace

One thought on “Soul Shriven In Coldharbour

  1. Boxofbeer

    Okay, this is your first quest:

    First, search for key to leave the cage.
    Pick up a weapon from weapon rank nearby
    Find Lyris Titanborn and speak with her.
    Walk through the prison and mines killing mobs on the way.
    When you got out of mines, find the Sentinel atop a hill. Sneak closer to it and backstab to instant kill.
    Go back down the hill and towards the right – you will see a door with a blue light indicating the objective. It’s closed.
    Move forward towards the river and you’ll see a fire with some NPCs. The one wearing a pot for a hat is Cadwell. He will signal you to a nearby cave.
    Walk through the cave until you found a Propthet.
    Defend Lyris and let him swap Prophet out of his cell.
    Follow his instructions, kill The Child and run forward, there you’ll run out of the prison.


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