Soul Survivors


Village of the Lost

Quest Text:
Three villages were absorbed into a plane of Oblivion, in an attempt to bring them into Coldharbour: one Dunmer, one Khajiit, and one Orc. The Dunmer Suronii has a plan to help herself and the other village leaders escape.

Starting NPC:

Part of:
Village of the Lost
First objective:
Suronii sent me to find the leaders of the Khajiit and Orc villages. I need to help each to escape to the Overseer’s overlook.

  • Talk to <<1>>
  • Talk to <<1>>

Screenshot Walkthrough

Talk to Zirani: At the center of Dunmer Village there are two portals. Go through Khajiit Ruins portal.

Talk to Zirani: Jump from wooden platform.

Talk to Zirani: Swim to large island on north. There, inside house you can find Zirani.

Talk to Ugorz: At the center of Dunmer Village go through Orc Ruins portal.

Talk to Ugorz: Jump from another wooden platform.

Talk to Ugorz: Swim to island on north, and enter large house.

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