Special Blend



Quest Text:
I came across a dead body on the path to the Everfull Flagon. The dead body clutches a note.

Starting NPC:

Part of:
The Everfull Flagon
First objective:
The body isn’t a shriven or a Daedra. I should read the note and see what it has to say.

  • Read the Note

Screenshot Walkthrough

Give Kyne’s Tears to Nelhilda and take the Purifying Potion.

Purify the Casks of Special Blend.

Find Hridi’s Daggers inside Mill House.

Hridi’s Daggers are inside Old Chest.

After you talk with Nelhilda and Bernt the Brittle, find the Thane’s Lair.

After you talk with Bernt the Brittle, you are suppose to decide his destiny together with Nelhilda.

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