Storming The Garrison



Quest Text:
Imperial forces have taken control of Bangkorai Garrison, the strategic keep that divides northern and southern Bangkorai. King Emeric and the Lion Guard have come to aid Queen Arzhela and the Knights of Saint Pelin in reconquering the garrison.

Starting NPC:
High King Emeric

You can start this quest when you complete quest The Parley

This quest is a part of Bangkorai Garrison POI Objective.

Part of:
Bangkorai Garrison
First objective:
King Emeric asked that I infiltrate the garrison through the sewers. I’m to find and activate the controls to open the main gate and allow Emeric to lead our forces inside.

  • Enter the Sewer

Screenshot Walkthrough

Enter the Sewer behind High King Emeric.

Find the Garrison Gatehouse entrance.

Meet King Emeric Outside and Assault the Barracks.

Inside Garrison Barracks Free the Imprisoned Knights.

Meet King Emeric Outside the Barracks once you kill Commander Attius.

Storm the Bridge and enter the Royal Crypt.

Talk to King Emeric Outside the Royal Crypt once you defeat Battlemage Papus.

Destroy the Summoned Dark Anchor.

Talk to Queen Arzhela after you listen to the King’s Speech.

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