Tears Of The Two Moons


Khenarthi’s Roost

Quest Text:
A powerful mage named Rurelion went missing in the Temple of the Mourning Springs. I agreed to help his apprentice Gathwen search the temple for signs of her master.

Part of:
Temple of the Mourning Springs Objective
First objective:
We should enter the temple courtyard and see what we can find of <<1>>.

  • Enter the Temple Courtyard
  • Enter the Temple Courtyard
  • Enter the Temple Courtyard
Objective: Disrupt the Temple Wards
In order to examine and disrupt the Scorpion and Spider Wards you need to reach them with a help of Gathwen.

Objective: Disrupt the Barrier
In order to solve the puzzle you should take a notice to a nearby pillar with all four signs. Following signs from top to the bottom of the pillar, and pressing the same sign on the pillars with one stone is how you solve the puzzle. The correct order is : 1- New Moons Stone; 2- Waxing Moons Stone; 3- Full Moons Stone; 4- Waning Moons Stone.

Objective: Disrupt Uldor’s Summoning Ritual
Take Gathwen close to the one of the four summoning rituals. Defeat rising Skeletons in order to disrupt one by one ritual.

Objective: Let Uldor Claim Gathwen / Rurelion
Choosing one of the two NPCs has one certain outcome, their death.

Objective: Seal Uldor’s Tomb
This is one of the funniest quest objective, even though it is quite simple. While avoiding damage circles place the tears on pedestals in four corners of a room.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Protect Gathwen while she disrupts Uldor’s Summoning Ritual.

Avoid damage circles while on objective to seal Uldor’s Tomb.

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