The Citadel Must Fall



Quest Text:
King Dynar has devised a two-pronged attack to take control of the Reaver Citadel. It utilizes the old Fighters and Mages Guilds’ halls located in this ancient Nirn city.

Starting NPC:
King Laloriaran Dynar

Part of:
The Reaver Citadel
First objective:
While the Fighters Guild troops use the secret passageways to enter the Fighters Guild hall, I need to find the ward key and deactivate the wards that seal the hall. But first, I’ll need to find my own way into the city.

  • Collect <<1>>

Screenshot Walkthrough

Deactivate the Guild Hall Wards and talk to King Laloriaran Dynar.

In order to go through Upper City gates, talk to Lyranth and deffend gates.

Restore the Portal Stones inside the Mages Guild Hall.

Kill Valkynaz Seris, find the Labyrinth Key.

Talk to Vanus Galerion to complete the quest.

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