The Family Business


Khenarthi’s Roost

Quest Text:
A moon-sugar plantation suffered a terrible fire. The family in charge of the plantation needs a hand to recover from their tragedy.

Starting NPC:

Part of:
Speckled Shell Plantation
First objective:
<<1>> asked me to salvage any alchemical tools from the wreckage of her family’s moon-sugar storehouses. She hopes to trade them for healing magic to save her husband.

  • Salvage Alchemical Tools
At the end of this quest you are suppose to decide the Fate of the Zaban-ma family.

Upon completing quest you receive achievement "Stop Skooma Abuse". Choosing to save the family of the prison might have some role in it.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Option Step Officer Lorin is found just after the bridge that leads you to nearby plantation.

Alchemical tools you are suppose to salvage are on the second floor of burned down houses.

Sack of Skooma Vials are hidden in Packed Mound, next to Crosstree Bandit who is defending it.

At the last step you decide the fate of the family. Both actions makes Speckled Shell Plantation Objective completed.

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