The Harvest Heart



Quest Text:
Vampires occupy the Orchard beyond the Chasm, somehow empowered by Molag Bal’s Harvest Heart. The vampires need to be dealt with before our forces can push forward toward the planar vortex.

Starting NPC:
First objective:
Vanus Galerion wants me to collect vampire blood and use it to mark their lairs. I need to place the blood on the doors to the vampire lairs. This will provide targets for the ritual that he’s preparing to perform.

  • Mark Vampire Lairs

Screenshot Walkthrough

Collect Vampire Blood from Bloodfiends.

Talk to Virgar the Red, and decide to help Virgar the Red or Vanus Galerion.

Both actions lead to the same next part but with different NPCs. Defend East and West Ritual Shrine.

Return to the Harvest Heart and help them Light Binding Totems.

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