The Root Of The Problem


Khenarthi’s Roost

Quest Text:
There’s a crisis at Windcatcher Plantation. Something is wrong with their Great Tree, and the locals believe it has something to do with the tree’s roots, which can be accessed from a cave below it.

Starting NPC:
First objective:
<<1>> sent a spirit below to heal the Great Tree’s roots, but something has impeded its progress. Perhaps I’ll learn more if I find the cave entrance.

  • Enter the Cave
While you are on this quest it is hard to miss Surly Root-chewers Burrow Nearby Skyshard. This is the sixth and the last skyshard in the list of Khenarthi’s Roost skyshards.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Cave entrance you should go into is just northwest of NPC quest giver location.

After you talk with Naarwe, follow Nature Guardian and protect him from Kwama Worker attacks. He is going to

The last NPC you should talk to in order to complete the quest is just outside the cave.

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