The Seal Of Three



Quest Text:
A large Maulborn force used the sewers to sneak into Mournhold. I need to find them before they can complete their nefarious plan.

Part of:
Tribunal Temple Objective
First objective:
An Ordinator informed me that Almalexia wants to see me at the Temple.

  • Talk to Almalexia
After you finish The Mournhold Undergroun d quest and the Mournhold objective the Ordinator sends you to the Tribunal Temple to help Almalexia. To enter the inner chamber of the temple you have to get blessings from Vivec and Sotha Sil. To get them you will have to solve puzzles. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Vivec’s blessing puzzle

You are tasked with resolving a murder. You will talk to all the parties involved until at the end you are left with the choice of accusing one of them for the murder. In my opinion they are both guilty parties and choosing either of them you will make the right choice. You can see in the screenshots bellow what Vivec chose . You will not get punished either way.

Sotha Sil’s blessing puzzle

This is a mechanical puzzle. You have two valves that summon dwemer constructs. One of these drops some dwemer gears when killed while the other drops Dynamo cores. Arbiter of Perfection in the middle requires fixing. To do this you will need to place the correct number of Dynamo cores and gears inside him. There were 5 houses that founded the temple so you need 5 dynamo cores inserted and 3 gears for each of the constructs present in the puzzle.

This will grant you blessings from the three and you can go on to complete the quest.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Almalexia will give you tips on how to complete both trials.

During Vivec’s trial you can accuse Vamen of not avoiding the fight right away.

*SPOILER* As you talk to all involved you will find out that Morami wanted to discredit Belronen and that she set in motion the plot that ended in Belronen being dead.

You will also find out that Fenila wanted Vamen dead and poisoned the blade that killed Belronen and made Belronen face Vamen, without him being guilty.

You can chose to pronounce guilty either Morami or Fenila. Vivec also made a choice and the screenshot above telsls us what he did (Said Morami is guilty, but punished both)

Sotha Sil’s trial requires you to repair the Arbiter of Perfection.

To do so you need to place a certain number of Dynamo cores (sparkling things that drop from Dwarven spheres summoned by left hand dwarven mechanism) and a certain number of Spinning gears (drop from Dwarven spiders summoned by right hand mechanism)

Nearby book reveals that there were 5 houses that built the temple (sixth is ignored). so put 5 dynamo cores into the Arbiter.

Putting three Spinning Gears repairs the Arbiter and you have to destroy him afterwards. Enigma of Sotha Sil explains why

Quest reward is medium armor Ordinator Helm that adds 37 magicka and sells well to merchants (also Skill point! and achievement)

6 thoughts on “The Seal Of Three

  1. Stormbow

    There is an additional step (now?) in this quest:

    Defeat Maulborn Priest Sathram

    Sathram is protected by 3 beams. Activate the relics counter-clockwise– Almalexia, Sotha Sil, Vivec –and the forcefield protecting Sathram disappears. Sathram is a typical storm mage encounter and is easily interupted, stunned, knocked back, dodged and ultimately killed.

  2. Julie

    So Morami supplied poison to Fenila who poisoned the blade for hunting purposes… then loaned the blade for use to I suppose… unfairly beat Vaman….

    Talnus indoril insisted the duelers switch weapons.. and so Vamen was accidentally the victor…

    So…. why won’t the game let me blame Talnus? They’re all three equally, accidentally to blame for the death that ultimately occurred.. but Talnus is the one that screwed up at the end and who was the last one who’s… inaction would have meant a different outcome.

    1. Murrdock1980

      Fenila knew the blade was poisoned. She just didn’t see the switch coming. She could have stopped the duel anytime but let her friend get poisoned by the blade she dipped. Cold hearted to the core that one is.

  3. Justice

    Julie: Because Talnus bears no blame for the outcome. Morami supplied the poison and set the plot in motion, and Fenila used it – all Talnus did was to do what any honourable dueller would do – demand a switch of weapons, because that would ensure your opponent haven’t gone with a weapon with unfair advantages (enchantments, poisons, etc).

    Because the point isn’t that Telvanni died – the point is that anyone died at all. It was a duel to first blood – had they not switched weapons, then Vamen would have died and Talnus would have been blameless. Which means he was not responsible for Telvanni’s death either.

    IMO the biggest fault lies with Morami – Fenila may have used the poison and hijacked her plot, but there would have been no poison and no plot if it wasn’t for Morami.


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