The Will Of The Woods



Quest Text:
The princess of Evermore is being cared for in the Viridian Woods, but her future is uncertain.

Starting NPC:
Wyress Demara

Part of:
Viridian Woods
First objective:
One of the Wyrd on the outskirts of the Viridian Woods said someone called the “Viridian Sentinel” is looking for aid to save the princess of Evermore’s life.

  • Find the Viridian Sentinel’s Altar

Screenshot Walkthrough

Find the Viridian Sentinel’s Altar and examine Princess Elara. Talk to Stenwick Gurles shortly after.

Charge Stenwick’s Amulet in the Fairy Rings.

Return the Amulet to the Stenwick at His Hut. Administer the Salve to Princess Elara. Talk to her and Stenwick.

Find the Voice of the Forest, get a Pristine Bud from her.

Bring the Bud to Wyress Demara’s Camp. Agree with Princess Elara or Wyress Demara.

If you agree with Princess Elara, bless the Spriggan Bud at the Wyrd Camp.

After you talk to Princess Elara and go to the Sentinel’s Home, gather the Essence of the Viridian Sentinel.

Talk to Princess Elara at the Lake Altar and complete the Ritual.

Helping Elara by gathering the Motes.

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