What The Heart Wants



Quest Text:
I met a Soul Shriven named Fatahala. She claims that this Manor of Revelry isn’t what it appears to be. Furthermore, she wants me to help Stibbons, who she tells me is in mortal danger here.

Starting NPC:

Part of:
The Manor of Revelry
First objective:
I should enter the Manor of Revelry and find Stibbons.

  • Enter the Manor

Screenshot Walkthrough

Enter the Manor of Revelry Grounds and talk to Stibbons.

After you talk to Fatahala and Shayaifa at the pools, use the Basin.

Enter the Manor House and find Stibbons.

Collect the Cage Key to set Stibbons free.

After you free Stibbons talk to him when he dress up.

Collect Lady Laurent’s Emerald.

Collect Lady Laurent’s Diamond.

Defend Stibbons inside the Manor of Revelry Cave.

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