Recovering The Guar



Quest Text:
The herd of guar at the sulfur pools stampeded during the Covenant attack. Now they’re scattered. If I can calm them and fit them with the proper harnesses, the animals should return to the stable on their own.

First objective:
Guar have stampeded and scattered throughout the sulfur pools. They’re peaceful creatures, but I’ll still need to persuade them to return to their stables.

  • Send Guar Home
You can find "Recovering the Guar" NPC quest giver Hennus next to a small pond in Sulfur Pools.

In order to send 6 Guars home you should collect the Guar Harness first. Ingame description of Guar Harness – These heavy leather straps and yokes are used to attach a mine cart to a guar for towing.
You can collect them from dead Guars. Dead Guars are all around Sulfur Pools. Once you have them, find live Guars and attach Harnesses to them. Miraculously they find their way home now. This counts toward the quest objective – Send Guar Home. There is a limited number of Guars in the area and other players can send them home as well. This means that if there are many players in the area, finding Guars might be a problem.

Jin-Ei, the final quest objective NPC gives a valuable prize for completion of this quest.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Jin-Ei takes good care of them now.

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