Skyshards in German – Himmelsscherben für alle

eso himmelsscherben

We are a primarily English speaking website, however, Elder Scrolls Online has a strong following in Europe and has been translated to French and German to make the gaming experience for people speaking those languages more pleasurable. Since MMORPG Life crew plays on the EU megaserver we noticed a lot of German speaking players in zone chat. We thought about what we can do to provide information found on our website in all players’ native language and we decided to tackle Skyshard locations in German. Turns out we were able to translate Skyshard Journal tips and zones from English to German and we think that combined with our screenshots this will be a great resource for German speaking players. Check out the index Deutsch page bellow with a list of all Skyshards and we’ll try translating even more content if possible.

P.S. For French speaking players we recommend visiting our friends at for best ESO content in French.

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