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Spotted From A Treehouse Vantage Skyshard

Northern Grahtwood, north of Elden Root, between Cormount Wayshrine (to the northwest) and Elden Root Temple Wayshrine.

Head north of Elden Root and follow the main road. Just before the first crossroads that leads east to Karthdar you can spot the collectible east of the road. This part of the road is actually a wooden bridge.

You may wonder how this skyshard got its name. Just east of the collectible’s location you can find NPC Afwa (quest giver). He gives the quest “Eyes of Azura” – quest objective of Laeloria POI. Afwa is found on top of a treehouse that you can reach via a nearby ladder. Standing next to Afwa you can clearly spot the shard in the distance and that’s where its journal tip comes from.

Following road north of Elden Root you reach this area.

Climbing over nearby treehouse ladders…

.. you can reach Afwa’s location, and just for a second think like a game designer/writer who created this shard’s journal hint.

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