6 thoughts on “eso Stonefalls Treasure Map I

  1. Cyric

    There is no way the instructions they gave are correct. If you go North East of the way shrine and stay left of the tree, you’ll be in lava.

  2. Mordozan

    Agree with Cyric, the fact that there are no other resources on google for map 1, and I’ve searched around the area mentioned lead me to believe that the directions are incorrect.

  3. Stands-in-shadows

    the directions arent great thats for sure , i found it eventually after spending a good 30mins looking around the area.

    what i was getting confused with was the little tent i thought that was the building in the map but infact it wasent , it was the ruined building where the bugs are there are 2 ruined buildings and inbetween you can see the giant mushrooms from the map and sure enough just left of the building is a tree you go past the tree and up the mountain a little bit and just right of some rocks next to a small tree is the treasure.

  4. Richard Dillman

    From the Othrenis wayshrine, go NorthEast on the road. When you get to the large, arched bridge, stop in the middle and look due East. You will see two ruined buildings with a tall mushroom between them … that is where you are going. Continue NE for a little bit and then turn right and stop in the middle of the little bridge with the pointed arches. Face due SouthEast. Go in that direction until you are between the two buildings. Then bear South (right) and head uphill through the valley. The treasure mound is on the right site of the valley, about two thirds of the way up, on the uphill side of a small tree with pink/purple leaves. It’s very hard to see.

  5. Carissa

    Followed Richard’s comments and it was right. The chest is a little NE of the city outskirts of Othrenis on the actual map


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