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Stuffed In A Barrel By Goblins In King Haven’s Pass Skyshard

King Haven’s Pass is in the northern part of Summerset. It has two entrances. One is west from the Cloudrest trail, north from Alinor Docks, and east from Lillandril town, with the closest Wayshrine being Ebon Stadmont. The second entrance is northeast from the previous one, close to the road west from King’s Haven Pass Wayshrine, north from yet another dungeon called Eton Nir Grotto. You should ignore this one.

As you get into the area where the western King Haven’s Pass entrance is, you’ll notice a small bridge. It takes you to the mountain, where a single torch illuminates the door. This is where you should proceed through, if you want to enter King Haven’s Pass.

Some say Goblins originated in Summerset, and some say the High Elves brought them here to serve as menials and slaves. They no longer perform those functions, but freed or escaped, Goblin tribes still thrive in the island’s loneliest corners.

While inside King’s Haven Pass, you’ll that one large road leads into a dead end, in the central part. This is our goal. If you’ve entered the dungeon from the western entrance, all you need to do is follow the path on your left. It will take you down the river, over a small bridge, past the waterfall, through yet another door that leads to Coral-Splitter Caves.

Stuffed in a Barrel by Goblins in King Haven’s Pass

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