ESO Summerset Time Breach Locations – Psijic’s Calling Quest

Psijic’s Calling quest requires players to find and seal nine time breaches in Summerset. Visiting these locations is required for unlocking the Psijic’s Order Skill Line, a feature introduced in the latest ESO expansion. In this guide, we’ll show you where to start the quest, and how to complete it, with screenshots of locations of all nine Summerset time breaches.

ESO Psijic's Order Summerset Time Breach Map

How to Unlock Psijic Order Skill Line

To unlock the Psijic Order skill line, you’ll need to progress with the first Summerset main quest: The Queen’s Decree. At some point early on, this quest will give you access to the Artaeum. This map is only accessible through this quest at first, but once you reach it, you’ll be able to travel there whenever you like.

While in Artaeum, head north toward Ceporah Tower, north from the Artaeum Wayshrine. On the ground level of this Tower, there is a portal. Use it to get inside the tower. Head towards Loremaster Celarus, who will be on your left. Talk to him to accept The Psijic’s Calling quest. The start of the quest is rather trivial. You’ll have to talk to Josajeh, pick up the Psijic Map of Summerset and find the Augur of the Obscure. Josajeh and the map are within the same Tower, while the Augur is inside the Wasten Coraldale solo dungeon in western Summerset.

Time Breach Locations

No. 1

ESO Summerset Seal Time Breach on Summerset

The first one is the southernmost one. You’ll find it southeast from the entrance to Sunhold and south from its Wayshrine. It is close to the tiny river that is just west from the Sunhold Abyssal Geyser.

No. 2

ESO Summerset Time Breach Summerset Location

For the next one, head east, toward the Sil-Var-Woad zoo. It is east from the Eastern Pass Wayshrine. If you enter the Zoo from the north, keep going forward and turn right at the first crossroad. You’ll spot a Chub Loon (penguin lookalike) enclosure on your left, a couple of steps up. This is where you can seal the next time breach.

No. 3

ESO Summerset Isle Seal Time Breach Psijic's Calling

From the previous one, head south toward the Sil-Var-Woad Abyssal Geyser on the top of the smaller island. As you pass this place of interest, keep to your left, closer to the beach. This will take you through the narrow passage, at the end of which is a time breach.

No. 4

ESO SUmmerset Psijics Calling Seal Time Breach Locations

This time we are back north, south from Shimmerene, west from the Garden of the Sacred Numbers area of interest. There is a large lake in this area, and you want to go north from it. There’s no need to climb or anything, as the time breach portal is just next to the tall, ruined wall.

No. 5

ESO Summerset Psijic's Calling Quest Seal Time Breach Locations

The fifth location in this guide is northwest from Shimmerene, north from its Wayshrine. If you pay attention to this part of the map, you’ll notice a bridge heading north toward the Shimmerene Dockworks. The time breach is west from this bridge, across the water.

No. 6

ESO Summerset Psijics Calling Quest Seal Location Time Breach

This is the northernmost one. It is almost at the center of the map icon of the Direnni Acropolis, north from Shiummerene, northeast from the Eldbur Ruins Wayshrine. As you go up the long stone stairs, through the western entrance, look left and you’ll spot it.

No. 7

ESO Summerset Psijic's Calling Quest Where to find All Time Breach Locations

On the other side of the island compared to the previous one. This time the goal is to reach the area between Illumination Academy, Keelsplitter’s Nest and Augury Basin. North from the Alinor Docks, there is a bunch of small ponds. You’ll find a small waterfall to the northeast of them. There is yet another time breach in front of it.

No. 8

ESO Summerset Psijics Calling Quest Location of Time Breaches

You can get to this one from the previous location without the use of a Wayshrine. It is close – just head south toward the Rellenthil Abyssal Geyser. It’s in the northwest of the cluster of small islands. You’ll find it next to a tree.

No. 9

ESO Summerset Psijic's Calling Seal Time Breach Portals

The final one is the southwesternmost. You’ll want to head to the spot west from Alinor, between Welenkin Abyssal Geyser and Welenkin Cove. There is a small sightseeing plateau with two fire braziers, and the time breach is between them.

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